Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This only applies if you are sending to a CANADIAN pal from the USA....

If you are - please read this!

If you are someone in the USA is planning to ship to your Canadian pal, they should ship USPS and not UPS. UPS ALWAYS charges a brokerage fee and duty taxes for any parcel valued at more than 20$ Canadian. I had this problem last year. The girl in my case put 20$ US on
the package as a value, which was 22.46$ Canadian at the time of conversion (over
the 20$ Canadian mark!) and I got charged 23.04$ to receive my package! REDICULOUS. It was from my one skein secret pal. All she sent me was 1 skein of yarn, which she valued at 20$US, and I had to pay more in brokerage fees and duty import taxes, than what the package was worth!

If you do want to use UPS - make sure to put a 15$ US value on the box, so that it doesnt hit the 20$ mark Canadian. It sucks to have to PAY to receive a gift from your pal. Or, put no value at all - and just mark that it's a gift. Or your other option, just mail it USPS, once it crosses the border, it'll be Canada Post - and for gifts, there are generally no problems of it being stopped at the border.

If you have ANY questions about this - feel free to contact me at - I can answer any questions about this - I'm a pro at shipping (LOL) if you want to call me that!


New Flickr Group for SP10 Packages!

Liz came up with a great idea and set up a new Flickr group for SP10 gifts! As Liz says, this can be a great way to get ideas for future gifts to send out! Thanks, Liz!